Flower & Garden Show Launceston

Blooming Tasmania 2016 Flower & Garden Show is a first for Launceston. Interstate and international speakers, show gardens, massed flower displays, wilderness displays, Gardens for Peace, Launceston Horticultural Society, 40 stallholders selling plants and garden and botanically themed products.

Albert Hall and City Park, Launceston, 9am-5pm Saturday, 9am-4pm Sunday. $5 entry

Plus associated open garden trail, sustainable fashion show and a program of talks.

Tasmania’s Koonya Garlic Festival is a pungent delight

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Koonya Garlic Festival. Where is Koonya I hear some of you asking? Set in Tasmania alongside a picturesque inlet of Norfolk Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, this small settlement hosts a thriving horticultural festival in February each year. 2016 was its third year, and it has grown steadily over that period. Continue reading “Tasmania’s Koonya Garlic Festival is a pungent delight”

Macquarie Island cabbage at Tasmanian Botanic Gardens

I stumbled upon a weird leafy vegetable in the Subantarctic Plant House in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG). On an already chilly day I made my way into the still colder environment of the Subantarctic Plant House for a glimpse of the native vegetation of Macquarie Island. This special growing environment is kept chilled below 15ºC but above freezing Continue reading “Macquarie Island cabbage at Tasmanian Botanic Gardens”

Tasmanian garden shopping

We’ve long harboured a desire to live in a beautiful house and garden in Tasmania. It seemed like a dream – not something that would actually ever happen – but recently several things changed in our lives and we realised a big move could be a reality. Continue reading “Tasmanian garden shopping”

Tasmanian garden tour

Just back from a week looking at gardens in Tasmania, I am trying to decipher my scribbled notes. But maybe I don’t need the notes to tell you about it. Because certain aspects of the landscape there – designed and natural – come straight to mind. These are, in order, water, rock, plants. Continue reading “Tasmanian garden tour”