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Over 40 Exhibitors offering plants for collectors as well as ornamental and food gardens plus quality garden products; an interesting & informative FREE Speakers Program on both days; refreshments and ATM facilities. At Kariong Mountains High School, Central Coast, NSW, an easy 1 hour drive from Sydney.

Plant Lovers Fair at Kariong, NSW


Kariong Mountains High School, Festival Drive, Kariong.

Central Coast, NSW




Our Exhibitors are always specially chosen to offer ‘something different’ – rare, unusual and collectable plants not commonly available in Garden Centres. This does not make these plants difficult to grow! You will always find a great selection of interesting species more familiar to you that will be hard to resist and we are very pleased to host all our Exhibitors at the 2016 Plant Lovers Fair, many of whom are returning in 2016 after proving so very popular in previous years.


Perennials, Herbaceous Plants and Bulbs – for Cool & Warm Climates
Edible plants – Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables
  • Delightfully Fresh Organics – NSW – Certified organic herb and vegetable seedlings and edible plants.
  • Greenpatch Organic Seeds – NSW – Certified organic vegetable and ornamental seeds, perennials, fruit trees and berry fruits.
  • Kariong Mountains High School – NSW – Selection of edible plants grown by the students.
Ornamental Shrubs, Trees and Australian Native Plants
Orchids, Bromeliads, Carnivorous Plants, Ferns, Bonsai, Cacti and Succulents
  • Australian Carnivorous Plant Society – NSW – Nepanthes, Venus Fly Trap, Saracenia and Drosera.
  • Bromeliads Australia – NSW – Bromeliad hybrids for sun and shade.
  • Coachwood Nursery – NSW – Succulents, perennials and other ornamental plants.
  • Harland’s Nursery – NSW – Warm and cool climate bulbs, cacti, and succulents.
  • James Lucas Succulents – NSW – Rare and unusual succulents.
  • Kawana Gardens Nursery – NSW – Orchids, & hanging baskets of a large range of epiphytic jungle cacti, including Rhipsalis
    and Lepismiums.
  • Mini Garden Creations – NSW – Water Gardens in pots.
  • Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery – NSW – Established bonsai plants, starter plants and accessories.
  • Ross Bolwell Begonias – NSW – Begonias and other shade-loving plants.
  • Royale Orchids – NSW – Cymbidium Orchids and other genera.
  • Tinonee Orchids – NSW – Native and hybrid orchids, and orchid cultivation accessories.
  • Verdigris Fern Nursery – NSW – Native and exotic ferns.
Garden Accessories and Special Interest
  • Central Coast Potters Society – NSW – Specially produced garden-themed pottery.
  • Estate Gardening – VIC – Quality garden tools and accessories.
  • Florilegium Bookstore – NSW – Books on gardening, botany and landscape design, including antiquarian books.
  • Gabby Malpas Botanical Art – Special seeds and her original Art on Homewares, Stationary and Clothing Accessories.
  • Islands in the Stream – NSW – Lee Fieldhouse – Vermiculture – worms, soil conditioners and microbes essential for your
  • The Garden Clubs of Australia – For all your information on garden club activities. Meet the friendly volunteers and talk to them about the benefits of membership. Plant Lovers Fair is grateful for all the volunteer work the Committee of GCA does for its members.
Food and Beverages
  • Berry Fruity – Frozen berry yoghurts, ice creams, smoothies and choc-tops.
  • Cafe Moves – Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cookies.
  • Emmy’s Turkish Gozleme – Freshly prepared savoury and dessert gozleme and cold drinks.
  • Kariong Mountains High School Canteen – Sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls, wraps, nachos, banana bread, muffins, cold drinks and coffee.
  • Kariong Scouts – Sausage sandwiches and steak sandwiches.
  • Pop Up Coffee Co – Fresh coffee.
  • Viet Yum – Traditional freshly prepared Vietnamese food, including spring rolls, summer rolls, papaya salad, and crispy wontons.

There is an ATM onsite


Guest Speakers and Demonstrations

2016 PLF Ambassador – Angus Stewart

ABC Gardening Australia Presenter



Meet Angus at his stand, ‘Gardening with Angus’, where he will be selling his own Kangaroo Paw hybrids along with his books on cultivating native plants.

Hear him on Sunday 25 September at 1.30 pm in conversation with Olga Blacha about her concept of an Australian Japanese Fusion Style Garden.

Angus will also feature in the Growers Workshops in the Marquee.


Special Guest Speakers and Demonstrations on Saturday 24 September

11.00 – 11.40 am – Art in the Garden

Master Sculptor, Jamie Sargeant, in conversation with Peter Nixon on monumental & hero garden art for converging sight lines and sense of arrival.

1.30 – 2.10 pm – Garden Design

Garden Design ‘Fixups’ – Catherine Stewart, GardenDrum Editor in conversation with Barbara Landsberg and Peter Nixon on ‘Fixups’ for functional & ornamental outcomes with emphasis on use of plants combined with sympathetic, unobtrusive construction & finishes in the garden.

Special Guest Speakers and Demonstrations on Sunday 25 September

11:00 am – 12.10 pm – Growers’ Brain Trust

In conversation with Peter Nixon:

  • Lee Fieldhouse – Vermiculturist, Worm Farmer – “Live Microbes, essential for your Garden’s Success”
  • Gary Taylor – “New Aloes for the Perennial Garden”
  • Charles Harland – “Warm Bulbs are Not Daffodils”
  • Clinton Bramston – “Clump Forming & Dwarf Bamboos – the friendly alternative”
  • Ruth Donnelly – ”Warm Temperate Eclectica”
  • David Fripp – “Gems for the Coastal Garden”

1.30 – 2.10 pm Garden Style ‘Australian Japanese Fusion’ – A New Australian Garden Style

Olga Blacha – Sustainable Natives, Somersby in conversation with Angus Stewart

Olga has just completed her PhD on this new exciting garden style.

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Entry - $12 pp
Children (U18) free
Bus Groups $10 pp
Free parking
Plant minding service
Refreshments available