Australian Institute of Horticulture Symposium

Two day symposium at the Cairns Convention Centre in Cairns, Queensland on the ‘Mechanics of Urban Greening’, including sessions on indigenous horticulture, biophilic architecture, soil design, green walls and roof and many more of interest to horticulturists, landscape designer and architects and urban planners.

AIH members $320, non-members $420 (for two days)

Wednesday 23rd November
Don Burke OAM RH – Opening Discussion
Patrick Regnault RH – Planning City Eco Systems
John Rayner – Research Informing Design – Contrasting Green Roof Performance
Simon Leake – Soil Design for Urban Greening
Tim Edmonson RH – Urban Oasis or Desert? Water Harvest with Aquifers
Kim Morris RH, FAIH – Developing the Landscape Sustainability Maintenance Index (SMI)
Mark Paul RH – Simple Ecological Systems – Small steps to larger reclamation of the built environment
Nicholas Rivett RH – Green Walls & Roofs – Folly, Fantasy or Fact
Martina Matzner – Future Youth in Agriculture & horticulture

Thursday 24th November
Don Burke OAM RH – AIH Plenary session
Dr Jana Soderlund – Biophillic Architecture
Matt Mitchley RH – The Jurassica Project
Nicholas Rivett RH – Conserving Landscape Tree Species & Age Diversity
Andrew Price RH, FAIH – Profiting from Chaos – Optimising Photosynthesis
Kim Courtenay – First Indigenous Kakadu Plum Plantation
Neville Passmore RH – Winning friends in government for more green spaces
Glenice Bachelor RH – Nature v Nurture
Andrew Prowse RH/Kim Morris RH, FAIH – War Graves in Perpetuity

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