Radicepura Garden Festival, Sicily

The new Radicepura Garden Festival in Sicily is dedicated to Mediterranean-style gardening and landscape design. Organised as a collaboration between Piante Faro nursery and the Fondazione Radicepura, which is dedicated to protecting the natural environment, the Festival features 14 designer show gardens by well known international designers such as James Basson and Kamellia bin Zaal, as well as emerging designers who have won a place in the Festival. Several artists such as Sicilian artist Alfio Bonanno have also contributed to the Festival with art installations in specially-built gardens

As it is held in the Radicepura Botanical Gardens alongside the giant Piante Faro nursery, visitors will also discover the inner workings of a large production nursery.

Open daily from 10am-7pm, 15 euro adults, children 6-16 years 5 euro, U6 free.

Radicepura Garden Festival – Via Fogazzaro n. 19 – 95014 Giarre, Catania

A garden tour of Italy (Part 2)

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