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Plant fair featuring dozens of plant nurseries selling rare and unusual plants, plus inspiring speakers. Come and find that collectible plant you've been searching for!
Hawkesbury Race Club, Clarendon, NSW (in western Sydney). Saturday 8 April 8am-4pm, Sunday 9 April 9am-3pm.

12th Collectors’ Plant Fair


Hawkesbury Race Club, Racecourse Road, Clarendon NSW, 8 and 9 April 2017

FOR SALE Unique, desirable plants, many edible, for Coastal and Inland gardens from dozens of Specialist Growers.


Speakers for 2017 to be confirmed



Plant Growers:

Addictive Nursery, NSW. (No. 5)

Growers of the stunning rare blue Hippeastrum (Worselya procera), bromeliads, tillandsia, heliconia, clivia, elks, palms and unusual gingers.

Alameda Homestead Nursery, VIC. (No. 6)

Judy and David are Australia’s largest growers of hybrid clematis, producing approximately 80,000 plants. New release clematis varieties will be on sale. Alameda Homestead Nursery also produces Wisteria, Mandevilla, Stephanotis, Phaseolus and Lavender.

Aloe Aloe, QLD (No. 10)

Flowering Aloes in beautiful colours, all 34 of these big flowering hybrid aloe cultivars will be available. Aloe are perfect in climates with winter rain and summer heat, making them great winter colour for the east coast of Australia.

Andy’s Rare Plants, NSW (No. 52)

From cool climate to sub-tropical South African and South America bulbs, orchids, trees, shrubs and climbers.

Antique Perennials, VIC (No. 31)

Matt specialises in rare perennials, alpines, and bulbs. This includes some remarkable Primulas, Epimediums and Geraniums plus a range of Prairie and Woodland species. A wonderful opportunity to find something great from a wholesale nursery not normally open to the public and a great chance to pick their brains!

Ausplants Nursery, NSW (No. 48)

Grafted grevillea, eremophila, emu bush, grafted gums, bush foods and other natives.

Australian Geranium Society, NSW (No. 14)

Species geraniums and pelargoniums by the living treasure Robyn Bible. Stay a while and pick her brains on this wonderful group of flowering plants.

Bamboo Creations, VIC (No. 57)

Bamboo specialist growing clumping bamboos at many different heights perfectly suited to the home garden. A large choice of bamboo to block out your ugly neighbours.

Bay Tree Nursery, NSW (No. 23)

Bill from Baytree grows cool climate hard-to-get perennials, trees and shrubs.

Bilby Blooms, NSW (No. 4)

Rare and unusual native Australian plants, including black grevillea.

Blooming’ Greenery, NSW (No. 22)

A large range of tropical shade tolerant plants such as clerodendron, fuchsia, hibiscus, justicia, strobilanthes, ruellia, sinningia, begonias and rare varieties.

Candybell Nursery, VIC (No 13)

Martin Ferrugia is a begonia, peony rose and South African Bulb expert. He is bringing a display of magnificent, large flowering tuberous begonias in full glorious flower. He also has peonies, Brunsvigia, Haemanthus, Boophane, Cane type and Rex Begonia, Lapageria and Streptocarpus,

Clover Hill Rare Plants, NSW (No. 9)

David Kennedy’s Clover Hill is a showcase of rare cool climate gems. With no room left, the avid plant collector and nurseryman has started a new garden over the mountains in Hartley. David grows fine cool climate perennials, woodlands, orchids, galanthus, trilliums, phlomis and salvias​. Oh and don’t miss his to-die-for, first time release Epimediums.

Club Creek Bulb Farm, VIC (No 56)

Growers of sensational liliums and dahlias. Adrian specialises in growing Liliums of all shapes and sizes. He will have on display a large range of garden Lilium bulbs includes some unique varieties, some he has bred himself and rare species.

Coachwood Nursery, NSW (No. 79)

The lovely Peter and Ruth Donnelly run the productive powerhouse Coachwood Nursery and grow a range of plants bang-on-trend! They’re easy, tough, rare, succulent, hanging and unusual treasures such as epiphyllums, Mistletoe cactus or Rhipsalis, stapelia, sedum, kalanchoe, euphorbia and tradescantia. All available from cuttings at unbelievable prices.

Country Farm Perennials, VIC (No. 15)

Growers of unusual and rare perennials, including exciting old favourites that have been impossible to find. Merryl and David have a tremendous amount of plant knowledge and are happy to offer advice for your home garden. Their plants cope with hot, dry, deep shade, sand, bog, blazing sun, biting frosts or nibbling rabbits! Big on colour and flower.

Darvall Nursery, NSW (No. 41)

Native bush food species, tea and coffee plants, waratah. Fabulous African violets too.

Delightfully Fresh Organics, NSW (No. 35)

Darren grows a huge range of organic herbs, rhubarb, garlic, fruit and vegetables. Great place to stock up on garlic cloves ready for autumn planting!

Drewitts Bulbs, VIC (No. 28)

Colin and Tim have a stunning collection of 60 varieties of tulips, daffodils and allium to name a few. Crocus, daffodils, tulips, fritallaria, erythronium, dahlia and other autumn bulbs. We love their Pleonie orchid, ixia and range of liliums.

Exeter Designer Plants, NSW (No. 46)

Cool climate favourites: clematis, daphne, dogwood, hamamelis, birch, cedars, spruce, firs, coryopsis, viburnum and witchhazels.

Feather Flower Brush, NSW (No. 40)

Daphne and botanically inspired stationery.

Florilegium Books, NSW (No. 39)

The garden bookstore.

Fong Ping Orchids, QLD (No. 20)

Phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium, plus special double adeniums and hippeastrum.

Forbidden Fruits (No. 2)

…are back again after missing last year’s show! Their nursery, established in 1981, grows a wide range of fruit trees, dwarf fruit trees, native bushfood, and edibles.

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, NSW (No. 45)

Treasures from the Gardens such as Actinotus helianthi (Flannel Flower); Alcantarea imperialis (metallic bronze form) from original pup stock brought back from Roberto Burle-Marx’s garden in Rio de Janiero; Alloxylon pinnatum (Tree Waratah); Begonia listada – compact shrublike evergreen begonia that thrives in heavy shade; Megaskepasma erthyrochlamys (Brazilian Red Cloak), large autumn/winter flowering shrub with vibrant crimson bracts in bold spikes held above huge, glossy, veined leaves; Plectranthus scutellariorides (Coleus) some great and unusual mixed colours.

Fruit Salad Tree Company (No. 65)

Kerry West has been multi-grafting specialty fruit to a high standard for decades. We welcome them to their first Plant Fair.

Gardening with Angus Stewart (No. 67)

A rainbow of kangaroo paws and native plant knowledge

Garry Reid Obscure Bulbs, VIC (No. 12)

Bulbs including albuca, arisaema, arum and galanthus.

Geranium Cottage, NSW (No. 73)

Geranium and pelargonium specialist, zonal, scented, species and the latest German arrivals.

Glenmore House, NSW (No. 58)

Meet Mickey Robertson and chat to her about idyllic and inspiring days in the country, kitchen gardening days, her botanically inspired special events and cooking days. You’ll never want to leave! Mickey will have her recently published book ‘The House and Garden at Glenmore’ and her usual Essential Kit.

Green E Roses, NSW (No. 47)

Modern and old world roses – heritage, bush, climbing, standard and weeping roses including David Austin’s, rugose and Mutablilis.

Green Gallery (No. 50A)

So much colour from one nursery! We welcome Justin to his first Collectors’!

Harland’s Nursery, NSW (No. 30)

Easy to grow and unusual cacti, succulents and bulbs.

Henry Doubleday, NSW (No. 61)

Unusual medicinal and edible herbs, heirloom vegetables, fruiting trees, salvia, comfrey and unusual cottage plants.

Hills District Orchids, NSW (No. 29)

Easily grown orchids, hoya, clivea, haworthia and pitcher plants.

Johnson Orchids, SA (No. 17)

Cattleya, oncidiums and phalaenopsis orchids.

Kawana Nursery, NSW (No. 19)

Orchids, fuchsia and hanging baskets with desirables such as Mexican Mistletoe (Rhipsalis), Tassel ferns, columnea, Medinilla, hoya, Lepismum, Donkey tails and night flowering cactus (Epiphyllums).

Kinspirit Iris and Daylily Farm, NSW (No. 11)

Tall bearded iris, Louisiana iris, daylilies and succulents.

Macquarie Native Orchids, NSW (No. 29)

Native epiphytic orchid species and hybrids.

Maple Springs Nursery, NSW (No. 53)

Japanese maple specialist, bonsai.

Melanquin Gardens, NSW (No. 55)

Shade-loving plants, fabulous foliages and stunning bromeliads.

Mistydowns, VIC (No. 51)

Heritage and modern roses, tree and herbaceous peonies and unusual perennials. Perennial and rose specialist. He stocks a beautiful array of plants and is keen to offer practical gardening advice. He also has an extensive range of fabulous Peony Roses

Mountain Herbs, NSW (no. 74)

Perennial kitchen and medicinal herbs, tea plants and edibles, grown in cool climate Katoomba

Ozbreed, NSW (No. 76)

Tough, hardy plants that are proven performers. Rarely available to the public, Look out for their Elite Herbs range with robust flavours that never fade.

Perennialle Nursery, NSW (No. 3)

Perenialle Plants is a mail-order nursery for tough plants. Living and gardening in Canowindra, Chris Cuddy grows frost and dry tolerant perennials. Most of the plants in his catalogue are from southern Africa, the Mediterranean and New Zealand. But he also looks for suitable tough plants from the Middle East, the Americas, and here at home.

Post Office Farm Nursery, VIC (No. 34)

Peter breeds superior forms of Helleborus x hybridus as well as growing a comprehensive range of the less commonly available Helleborus species and hybrids, including doubles. Post Office Farm Nursery grows from the best imported seed from the UK, Germany and the US. Hellebores are easy to grow, they flower in winter when colour is most valuable, and boast a wonderful variety of flower colours and forms, as well as providing evergreen foliage in the garden.

Planters Patch (No. 75)

We are thrilled to welcome Planters Patch for their first Collectors Plant Fair and are excited to see the treasures they bring. As local growers of interesting perennials and proven winners, they grow a range of Agapanthus hybrids, Echineacea, Sedum and Dahlia. An eye catching selection of ultimately collectible Japanese Painted Ferns (Athyrium niponicum ‘Pewter Lace’, ‘Ursula Red’ and Wildwood Twist’).

Q Nursery, NSW (No. 55A)

Interesting heirloom shrubs, old time favourites and perennials like unusual lilac, pomegranate and Weigelia.

Rainbow Ridge, NSW (No. 21)

Stunning iris of all kinds. Bearded, Californian, Louisiana iris plus daylilies.

Ray Nesci Bonsai, NSW (No. 36)

Bonsai and accessories.

Secret Garden and Nursery, NSW (No. 50)

Edibles, hundreds of sun tolerant salvias and bee hotels. The Secret Garden & Nursery is a not-for-profit community garden and nursery set on five beautiful acres at the Western Sydney University campus in Richmond, NSW. Members of the community are welcome to use the gardens, enjoy the farmyard animals and purchase plants from the nursery

Seedscape Seeds (Stall no. 34A)

Subspecies, NSW (No. 49)

Boutique Nursery specialising in historic specimens from the Devonian period, look for unusual protea, banksia and hakea

Sun Valley Plants, VIC (No. 27)

Kay and Rod Pitt sell grafted Australian plants including gums, grevillea, banksia, emu bush and woolly bush in 3″ tubes. These include Adenanthos (woolly bush), Correa, Dampiera, Eremophila, Grevillea’s and a selection of ground covers. Sunvalley Plants Nursery also have a range of grafted Grevillea’s and tall standards and the new Acacia Dazzler on a tall graft.

Sustainable Natives, NSW (No. 77)

Best range of bush tucker plants such as finger limes, mint, lemons, bush tomato and black apple.

Sydney Frangipani, NSW (No. 68)

Frangipani fanatic Stuart Reiss has propagated plenty of interesting Plumeria hybrids in beautiful colours and super rare multi-grafted rainbow trees.

Sydney Wildflower Nursery, NSW (No. 88)

Dave Rose’s nursery in Heathcote is a wonderland of native wildflowers and bush foods.

Tas Daffodils, TAS (No. 26)

Daffodils, tulips, crocus, freesia, snowdrops and flakes, galanthus and fritallaria.

Tinonee Orchid Nursery, NSW (No. 24)

Flowering orchids, new release orchids and orchid accessories.

Underplants, NSW (Stall No. 72)

Collectible tillandsias and bromeliads.

Vaughan’s Native Plants, VIC (No. 70)

Grafted flowering Australian plants for the native garden enthusiast and stunning cottage garden natives.

Verdigris Fern Nursery, NSW (No. 54)

Exotic and rare ferns for all positions.

Wallis Creek Watergarden, NSW (No.16)

Need to select some new water plants for your pond or water garden? Stunning textured ponds, dancing light patterns, bird and fish life and a unique selection of lotus hybrids, hardy & tropical waterlilies, other water plants like the porcupine quill rush and green tree frogs. What a water wonderland. Water, bog and shade-loving plants, lotus, waterlilies, water chestnuts and gingers.

Weslor Flowers Plant Nursery, QLD (No. 25)

150 climbers and more than 40 hoya, rare shrubs and trees.

White House Nursery, VIC (No. 18)

Peter and Jess grow a fantastic range of unusual bulbs, plants and trees. Bulbs, shrubs, fruiting, scented, berries, perennials, specialising in autumn flowering nerines.

Yamina Rare Plants, VIC (No. 78)

This renowned nursery was founded by Arnold Teese and has been family operated for 60 years. Peter Tease has a huge range of collectible exotic trees and shrubs including conifers, magnolias, maples and arums. We are looking forward to welcoming Yamina Collectors for the first time.

Yamina Collectors Nursery, VIC (No. 33)

Cool temperate collectibles, trees and shrubs.

Yellow House Perennials, NSW (No. 7)

Mim Burkett is the plant collector and propagator for Yellow House Heritage Perennials the mail order perennial specialist nursery that grew out of her Nowra garden. Provide old fashioned pinks, penstemons, geums, achillea, cranebills, buddleja, salvia, anthemis and a large array of unusual seed purchased in Italy and UK.



Broadcroft Design, QLD (No. 62)

New to Collectors’ this year comes the creative partnership of Duncan and Natalia, the team at Broadcroft. Their sculptural Corten planter range is one of our fastest growing lines as it has the ability to be developed into sculptural pieces for landscapes, public art or corporate. 100% Australian made in their dynamic studio workshop on the Sunshine Coast.

Cornersmith Picklery, NSW (No. 81)

Pickles, jams, passata, preserves and delicious things from paddock to plate.

Cut Above Tools, NSW. (No. 32)

Quality garden tools.

Diggers Club, VIC. (No. 71)

Garden Club and organic seed company with the biggest range of heirloom seeds and plants, garden advice and Australian wide delivery.

Australian Institute of Horticulture. (No.64)

Industry body for Horticulturists

Heaven in Earth, NSW. (No. 37)

Quality garden items, tools and beautifully crafted pieces in glass, wood, slate and terracotta.

Botanica World Discoveries, VIC. (No. 38)

Boutique discoveries for discerning travellers.

Collectors Plant Fair Information Booth (No. 1)

Ask us where to find the plants you desire.

Garden Clinic, NSW. (No. 66)

The plant doctors are here to help! Graham and Sandra set up the Club 36 years ago to provide help for gardeners when they needed it. Now through their radio show, magazine, website, social media, helpline they help more gardeners that ever before.

Garden Clubs of Australia. (No. 43)

Join your local club today. Umbrella of 680 clubs around Australia.

Keeper & Hive (No. 44)

Future beekeepers and bee enthusiasts will get a buzz out of Keeper & Hive. First time fair exhibitors, they have a wide range of equipment, local bee products including honey, balms and waxes.

Metalscape, NSW. (No. 59)

Metal art and garden signage for the discerning gardener.

Swagman Sprayer, NSW. (No. 42)

Catch up with the Swagman! Battery operated robust garden sprayers for every garden. Makes spraying effortless, efficient and accurate – no more pumping.

Trade the Mark, NSW (No. 80)

Brainchild of multi-disciplinary creative Christine Mclean who is committed to the hand craftsmanship, working with textiles and ceramics. Each piece is handmade and intricately painted in her Sydney studio. We love finding the perfect piece to display of potted living treasures. We welcome Christine for her first Collectors Plant Fair exhibiting.

Tropical Garden Society of Sydney, NSW. (No. 69)

A friendly and knowledgeable tropical plant loving group to encourage your love of tropical plants and gardens.

Ross Garden Tours, NSW (No. 66)

Graham and Sandra Ross have been designing unique garden tours for plant-lovers for 36 years, they hand pick their tour guides that include garden experts such as Michael McCoy, Linda Ross, Robin Powell, Libby Cameron and Angus Stewart. Small groups and well thought out itineraries to beautiful places. Travel with friends.

Wired for Living, VIC (No. 60)

Barry and Lee run this inspiring Bendigo made bespoke handmade garden sculpture business. New forms such as Fig are created by spun barbed wire

Speaker Program for 2017 to be confirmed
Make a day of it at Collectors’: shop, chat, and be inspired by our speakers. You’ll need to pre-book via ‘Tickets’ and bring the receipt with you on the day. Be quick, seats are limited.


Speaker Sessions $35 per person per Session – book for a Speaker Session when you buy your prepaid entry ticket online – click the BOOK NOW button

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Entry prices to the 12th Collectors' Plant Fair at Clarendon

SATURDAY 8 APRIL - $14 per person PREPAID ($15 gate)

SUNDAY 9 APRIL  - $12 per person PREPAID ($13 gate)

Accompanied children under 18 free

Parking is free


Speaker Sessions $35 per person per Session - book for a Speaker Session when you buy your prepaid entry ticket online