France - Languedoc
Festival des Architectures Vives (the Lively Architecture festival) is located in Montpellier and the nearby waterfront at La Grande Motte, in the Languedoc area of southern France. FAV 2017 takes the theme 'EMOTION' to bring you architectural installations by contemporary young architects that reflect innovative design, materials and construction techniques.
Discover these ephemeral works around the historic old town of Montpellier in courtyards and mansions that are usually not open to the public, and quayside in La Grande Motte.

Festival des Architectures Vives (the Lively Architecture)


To face today’s economic mutations and technical, technological and societal changes, it is not enough to adapt – today we must innovate.


The Festival des Architectures Vives is an architectural path for the general public, who can discover or rediscover the historical landmarks of the city of Montpellier since 2006 and the city of La Grande Motte since 2013. The event invites visitors to go in contact this rich heritage by offering installations scattered around the city. In Montpellier, it takes place in the historic town and offers a path connecting mansions and courtyards, mostly private, that are usually not visible to visitors.

Then in La Grande Motte, the festival invites the visitor to discover a revisited contemporary architectural heritage, and sometimes rewritten by young architects. Thus, the city of La Grande Motte and specifically the architecture of Jean Balladur, recognized as the “Heritage of the twentieth century” is put into perspective by these ephemeral works.

Each installation created by architects teams allows to highlight the work of a younger generation which is inventing, experimenting and exploring new design of our environment fields. Thus, the festival offers them the opportunity to make a submission through an installation in the heart of the prestigious and remarkable setting offered courses and mansions and to confront qualitative urban spaces open to the great landscape in La Grande Motte. Each one opens a dialogue between heritage and contemporary architecture installations.

Since 2006, the FAV is organized annually by the association Champ Libre, chaired by Jacques Brion and Elodie NOURRIGAT, architects in Montpellier.

The access is completely free and open to all.


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