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9 open acreage and town gardens in the Hills District of north-west Sydney

Galston Open Gardens event is held over the 3rd weekend in October each year.


A $20 ticket giving entry to all gardens can be purchased at any of the gardens listed below or at The Galston Club, 21 Arcadia Rd. Single garden entrance tickets $5. Children under 18 free.

Morning and afternoon teas will be available in several gardens, and you are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or to visit one of the many local Clubs and Cafes. This is a great chance to have a relaxing and uplifting day wandering around some of the most beautiful gardens in Sydney.

All those who work on this event are unpaid volunteers and all the profits are distributed to a wide range of charities.


Garden 1:  Crundale at 14 Odette Road Dural. Presented by Carol and John Clarke

This garden has been developed as a haven for wildlife and features extensive plantings of bird-attracting native plants. These include beautiful banksias and lots of grafted standard grevilleas. A dam and other smaller water features, plus nesting boxes and bird feeders all help to provide a bird-friendly environment, and the owners have recorded more than 100 species visiting the garden. Relax on the well placed seats and stroll along the winding pathways.


Garden 2:  Holme Lacey at 479 Galston Road Dural. Presented by Janet and Trevor Jones

A beautifully designed and maintained smaller garden featuring terraced levels with brick retaining walls. Includes archways, dovecote and ornamental planters, with trimmed hedges dividing the beds. Beautiful roses and flowering shrubs, topiary, natives and perennials. An outstanding example of maximising available space and using different levels in a garden.


Garden 3: Kailynd at 20 Cotswold Road Dural. Presented by Sophie and Scott Robinson

A long tree-lined driveway leads up to beautifully landscaped lake ringed with rocks and extensive plantings, and with a bridge leading to an island. The area round the house features amazing amounts of manicured low buxus hedges and tall conifer hedges, including a formal parterre garden and a large conifer arch. These areas are an extraordinary example of traditional European style applied in Australia. Toilet.


Garden 3A: (Enter through gate at rear of Garden 3) Presented by Helen and Costa Jannis

Open for the first time this 5 acre garden has a country-style house surrounded by informal plantings. There are lots of natives and a range of other trees and a collection of bromeliads, orchids and other interesting plants. Also featured are fruit trees, raised sandstone vegetable beds and a sandstone-lined dam. Scattered through the garden are unusual cast iron and stone ornamental items. Toilet.


Garden 4: Burnt Rails at 28 Glen Street Galston. Presented by Dot and Bob Butler

This green oasis is an excellent example of what can be fitted into a small shaded garden. It contains hundreds of ferns, including tree ferns, stags, elks and birds nest ferns plus cycads, palms, orchids and other rainforest plants. There are numerous small water features and an amazing collection of rustic Australiana items with a display of antique tools. Can drop off at top of hill and park at lower level in Glen Street. Not suitable for wheelchairs.


Garden 5: Elegans at 21 Fishburns Road Galston. Presented by Bill Fleming.

Set around four large lakes with pathways meandering in all directions this garden has interesting views wherever you look. It contains a very diverse range of plants collected over thirty years, with amazing maples and other deciduous trees, begonias, cordylines, bromeliads, succulents, ferns, ground covers and rainforest plants. Unusual bridges and other garden constructions.


Garden 6:  Slade Hollow at 1A Halls Road Arcadia. Presented by Shirley and Alan Clarkson 

This property features an interesting passive solar house designed to blend into the environment and use water in an efficient way. A few deciduous trees are positioned to provide winter sun, but the garden is mainly based on Australian natives with a wide range of bird attracting plants including unusual grafted specimens. A large rock outcrop provides a waterfall into a pond which is bordered by a raised walkway.


Garden 7:  Boulevard at 20 Wylds Road Middle Dural. Presented by Craig Teece

Also open for the first time this garden features extensive plantings of natives with a dam and dry watercourse, and large rock outcrops. Other features include a conifer garden and about thirty large and very varied sculptures integrated throughout the garden. The shade house and hot house contain many rare and interesting plants. Toilet. Park in front of Linga Longa Nursery.


Garden 8:  Chanticleer at 4 Henstock Road Arcadia. Presented by Grada and Peter Shipway

An impressive large garden featuring a wide range of deciduous trees including pears and cherries which provide the framework for the sweeping views across the property. There are formal areas with extensive hedging, but the garden is dominated by the extensive informal beds which contain a wonderful range of iris, bulbs, perennials and small shrubs. Art show in the Barn. Toilet.


Feature 9:  Saturday and Sunday ONLY

Royal Horticultural Society Show in the Galston Community Centre, 37 Arcadia Road, Galston. Open 10 am to 4 pm on both days. $2 admission. Huge range of Floral art, potted plants, fruit, vegetables and many classes of cut flowers including a major rose display. Entries are welcome from members of the public. All items to be delivered before 8.30 am on the Saturday morning. Enquiries: Alec Ross 9653 1294 or Jacqueline Tweedier 9872 1862.

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$20 - all inclusive ticket for 9 gardens
$5 per garden
Children under 18 free.
(Note that the Royal Horticultural Society Show in the Galston Community Centre has a separate entry fee of $2)

Buy tickets at the Galston Club, 21 Arcadia Rd, Galston, or at any of the open gardens (see Details tab or download brochure for addresses)