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Join our 3 day symposium celebrating an iconic Australian plant, the kangaroo paw, a highlight of our month-long November celebrations at the Australian Garden Cranbourne, which will be a riot of kangaroo paw colour, will conclude with a series of lectures. There will be a variety of Symposium sessions with something for everyone - from scientists and experts, to horticulture and landscape practitioners and also home gardeners.

Kangaroo Paw Celebration


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and the Cranbourne Friends are combining to present a wonderful opportunity for people to participate in a very special occasion in November 2016.

The iconic kangaroo paw and its relatives will be a celebrated in a number of activities. We may be familiar with kangaroo paws in our own and other gardens, but there is a whole lot more to this fascinating plant family.

The Australian Garden at Cranbourne will be enlivened by the planting of over 5000 kangaroo paws. The main plantings will be in the Cultivar Garden and the Northern Exhibition Garden precinct. Planting of gardens and containers of varying proportions will provide a stunning floral display.

Over November 2016, the Gallery at the Australian Garden Visitor Centre will have a Kangaroo Paw and relatives themed exhibition of artworks, crafts and floral art. Cranbourne Friends groups such as Botanical Illustrators, Botanical Basketmakers and Botanical Fabricators will be represented. On the weekend of 19-20 November Cranbourne Gardens will host a Kangaroo Paw Picnic and during the month there will be a ‘Best Kangaroo Paw Pic Instagram Competition’ with the winner announced on 27 November 2016.



Three Day Symposium Event: Kangaroo Paws, Bloodroots, Cottonheads and More

24, 25 and 26 November 2016

As part of this month-long celebration there will be a special three-day symposium on this group of plants that are all in the family Haemodoraceae. This is thought to be a ‘First’ for Australia.

Members of this plant family include the iconic Kangaroo Paws, Anigozanthos and Macropidia; Bloodroots, Haemodorum; Cottonheads, Conostylis and other genera such as the more poorly known Blancoa, Phlebocarya and Tribonanthes

This Symposium is packed with interesting and inspiring topics to be presented by a range of very experienced people over three days and will cater for all levels of interest and expertise. It will be a ‘not to be missed event!


Speakers include

•    Prof Stephen Hopper (world authority on the Haemodoraceae Family)

•    Prof Kingsley Dixon from Curtin University

•    Dr Brett Summerell, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

•    Angus Stewart, kangaroo paw breeder and native plant expert

plus Digby Growns, Professor Michael Simpson, Bronwyn Ayre and Ellen Hickman, Craig Scott, Jim Fogarty, Loretta Childs, John Arnott, Neil Marriott, John Thompson, Rodger Elliot, Amy Akers, and Keith Oliver.



Day One: Thursday 24 November – Kangaroo Paw family Science Day

•   for those who want to gain a greater understanding of this intriguing plant family, and its botanical, zoological and horticultural aspects. It will be held in Domain House at the Melbourne Gardens


Day Two: Friday 25 November — Professional Day – Kangaroo Paw family breeding, design, cultivation and diseases

•   especially suitable for people working in Botanic Gardens, Parks & Gardens, Horticulture, Design and Construction. This day will be in the Tarnuk Room at the Cranbourne Gardens.


Day Three: Saturday 26 November — Home Gardeners’ Day – the Kangaroo Paw Family for home gardeners and native plant enthusiasts

•   a great day dealing with subjects that gardeners like! This day will also be at the Cranbourne Gardens.


Download the brochure for full Symposium details!

  • Kangaroo Paw Symposium at Cranbourne Gardens, November 2016 Download

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Symposium Registration for Kangaroo Paws, Bloodroots, Cottonheads and More
(includes seminars, lunch and refreshments)

• All prices in AUD
• Attendees must book and pay by 1 November 2016.
• Students must provide a copy of a current student card when booking. Student places are limited.

Day 1: 24 November 2016
Botanical Zoological and Horticulture
Member: $100
Non Member: $130
Student: $75

Day 2: 25 November 2016
Breeding, Marketing, Design, Cultivation and Diseases
Member: $100
Non Member: $130
Student: $75

Day 3: 26 November 2016
Kangaroo Paws for Home Gardeners and Enthusiasts
Member: $100
Non Member: $130
Student: $75

3 DAY FULL SYMPOSIUM PASS: 24 - 26 November 2016 inclusive
Member: $250
Non Member: $300
Student: $200