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A unique exhibition of beautiful objects made from the wood of trees from the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney which have died naturally, been pruned or lost to disease. Skilled artisans have worked this wide variety of 20 different timbers into functional objects like clocks and furniture, as well as sculptures and decorative pieces. All pieces are for sale.



Treecycle is a special exhibition that celebrates the 200th Birthday in 2016 of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney featuring timber from trees that were once growing in one of three botanic gardens.

Trees in the Sydney Garden and also the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden Mount Tomah follow a dynamic cycle of planting, growth and decay. During normal garden maintenance and rejuvenation, trees are pruned, or felled and replaced leaving a legacy of beautiful and often unique timber.

Artisans have created a wide range of beautiful objects from these timbers, from decorative objects to functional items like clocks, furniture and even musical instruments.

Curated by Leon and Ginny Sadubin.


All works are for sale, some by silent auction on opening night of Thursday, 11 August 2016.

Location: Moore Room and Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Free entry, suitable for all ages.


Treecycle artisans:


Melissa Allen, David Muston, Howard Archbold, Takashi Nishiura, Russell Beardmore Tim Noone, Elise Cameron-Smith, Darren Oates, Colen Clenton, Garry Olson, Holly Cope, Ben Percy, Nick Coyle, Michael Purdy, Brian Dawson, Richard Raffan, Dale Dryen, Ginny Sadubin, Phoebe Everill, Leon Sadubin, Mikey Floyd, Bob Scott, Charlie Gillings, Anthony Springford, Minky Grant, David Springford, Alby Johnston, Hugh Springford, Hape Kiddle, Nick Statham, Gayl Leake, Peter Stibilj, Graham Mandelson, Isao Takezawa, Will Matthysen, Christian Timbs, Harry McInnis, David Upfill-Brown, Stuart Montague, John Van der Kolk, Isabelle Moore, Grant Vaughan, Aidan Morris, Warwick Wright, Thirston Morris

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